1 april demonstratie bij KV Sconenvaarder

April 1 demonstration at KV Sconenvaarder

On April 1, we will be present at the canoe exchange fair at the Sconenvaarder canoe association in Kampen. Here we Will show the canoe cart and tell you everything you want to know about our new and tested design.

Of course you can also try it yourself. We bring kayaks. And if you are as enthusiastic as we are, you can take a cart home.

At the canoe exchange fair you will also find many other items to complete your equipment. And do you have something lying around yourself? Then take it with you. You can probably make someone else happy with it.

Canoe Exchange Fair April 1, 2023

Time: 10am - 4pm
Where: KV Sconenvaarder
Address: Reeve 2, 8265 PR Kampen

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