Nieuw! Geïntegreerde Easymarcs® spanbanden

New! Integrated Easymarcs® straps

We have added straps to our range from the end of October 2023. These straps are especially for your Easymarcs® canoe cart. You can now buy the canoe cart with integrated straps. The straps are also available separately.

It started with a birthday present for a kayaking instructor: an Easymarcs® trolley with integrated straps. He was very happy with it and posted his gift on social media. We were soon asked whether this 'special edition' was for sale. And so it happened.

These straps fit through the side rails of the frame, remain in place due to pre-assembly and keep your cart securely under your kayak. Tying up your kayak cart is now very simple. And afterwards, tie the 'long strings' together with the red elastic bands. Easy to store and quickly tie down your cart. Just easy as it has to be.

If you buy the straps separately, they are easy to pull through the frame. The straps are suitable for every kayak. They can be shortened to the desired length. You will find a manual with your order.

Because not everyone wants straps on their kayak cart, we also have the cart without  straps in our range. Something for everyone.

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