EasyMarcs® team: Marc Meulenkamp en Marianna van den Broek

We're going to start

After a year of preparation, the time has finally come: EasyMarcs® introduces a new generation of canoe carts.

The idea has been some time with Marc Meulenkamp, developer of the new canoe cart, and avid sea kayaker for much longer. "A good cart has been missing so far. Lost locking pin or bearing, frame in half and a lot of fiddling to get that thing in your hatch." That had to be better, Marc thought. When both trolley's of the couple broke down during a holiday in Denmark, it was enough and the idea was born.

EasyMarcs® canoe cart

Marc quit his job as a technician and started developing. Together with Marianna - his partner - they brainstormed a lot, did market research, developed the brand and endlessly refined the design to perfection.

The canoe cart is solid and foldable. "It fits in the top of your hatch or behind your seat," Marc says. "Even in your day hatch. And it rides very smoothly."

The first reactions are positive. The Dutch sea kayakers have tested the EasyMarcs® canoe cart and made a review . Club members of the Wageningen kayakclub De Bovenste Polder have also tested the new design. "Quite exciting to ask for feedback, but it's good that we did it. It helped us a lot."

To introduce kayakers to the Netherlands, EasyMarcs® will organize demo moments, among other things . Anyone wishing to provide the opportunity to do so can contact us.

For more information: easymarcs.com.



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