easymarcs kayak cart with kickstand

Upgrade with stainless steel leg

The EasyMarcs® kayak trolley has been improved. The kayak cart now has a stainless steel leg that is more slanted than its predecessor. This makes the kayak more sturdy.

With a longer leg, it is easier to put the kayak alone on the kayak cart. The trolley stays upright better this way. Also, the leg is no longer in the middle, which also gives more stability.

Placing a kickstand within this compact design was quite a puzzle. After all, when folded, the leg should not stick out. We do not compromise on quality.

We are grateful for all the feedback on our new product. All customers praise the design, the compactness and the robustness. However, the leg could be better. We found another place that allows a longer leg to fit. And it is now made of stainless steel, like the rest of the cart.

New kickstand (signed in red) fits inside the frame

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