Maintenance instructions

To enjoy your EasyMarcs® kayak cart for a long time, we ask you to follow the following maintenance tips.

  1. If the kayak cart has been in contact with salt water, it is recommended to rinse the frame with fresh water to remove salt and sand.
  2. The wheel bearings are stainless steel and sealed. We assume that these are resistant to sand and seawater, but we do not enough experience figures yet at the time of introduction. To extend the service life, it is advisable not to drive through seawater and to limit immersion. Know that the bearings are replaceable and that we offer this service.
  3. Let the frame and wheels dry and store them in the supplied bag.
  4. Regularly check whether the bearings still rotate smoothly and all bolts are still tight. Wheels, bearings, axles and other parts are available as spare parts.